Each time I conduct is an opportunity to express my awe for the composition, to reach the heart and ear of every musician during execution–the inhale and exhale of breath for the changes, the focus of now. Through my hands, expression, movement, I enjoin others to know that the piece is a story to re-tell and draw out the desire for every participant to claim their most passionate participation in the creative, collective expression.

I have a keen appreciation of the infinite richness that each musician's creativity contributes to the whole, an understanding of the boundless beauty that comes from the continuous collaboration, and a deep passion for my role as the bridge builder who, in every instant, anticipates and embraces the creative difference and provides lyrical solution through guidance.

With musicians, I entice them to ignite their imagination about the composition and trust in me to hear and guide them. I enlist their trust by being completely open about my feelings for the composition and completely thorough with my preparation.

Ultimately, my passion for music grows from the partnership between musicians and audience, all deeply feeling the joy and profoundness of the written score, engaged in the interpretation, imagination and creativity of the performance.